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Today’s podcast is with Tiana Swank who has overcome unthinkable things in her life and has come to a place of forgiveness and self-love.   She shares her journey of heavy drug use, dealing, being arrested, prostitution, miscarriage, and physical abuse, that began with a desire to want to belong and receive positive attention after being bullied as a young girl.  Tiana tells of the decisions that seemed so natural to make that led her on her downward spiral and then how those pieces of her soul that she had lost began to return to her.  She shares of the light that began to return upon seeing her self-worth, bringing God and prayer back into her life as well as the tools of self-talk, knowledge, and understanding that she used to be able to forgive herself.

Last week we at Stiry released her video story entitled “forgiveness is possible”  and friends my heart was so touched.  In it she asks the question “How can I forgive myself for all these things I have done?”  I am so honored to be able to share more of her story with you today.

Listen and be inspired to seek for knowledge and understanding in your life to put you on a path of forgiving yourself, to utilize the power of self-talk, and to see that you have divine worth.

Show Notes:

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Tiana’s Stiry Story “Forgiveness is possible”

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