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Yogi Aaron is from Vancouver Canada and has been teaching yoga for over 25 years.  He now owns a yoga retreat in Costa Rica called Blue Osa and has invited me to come.  Anyone else want to join me?   Friends, from the beginning of the podcast I had an intention to bring you not only incredible guest stories but interviews with experts who can enrich our lives with practical application of their field.  I am so excited to bring you our first one today.  Yogi Aaron shares teachings rooted in manta yoga, the yoga and science of sound, including the power of our words and the ripple effect the words we choose cause, the practice of silence and how that allows us to examine our words.  He explores one definition of the word ‘meditate’ meaning ‘to attend to’ and how meditating allows us to bring the the forefront those thoughts that we may have pushed to the back and look at them and acknowledge and examine them.  He talks about testing our limits and overcoming fear, as well as the power of music on changing our environment.  He shares a shattering experience in the Himalayas that tested all of these practices and how it was a transformative moment that allowed him to be a happy mess.  If you can take his words and truly seek to apply them into your individual life, you will create a richness and a stillness you have been looking for. Listen and be ready to think about how you can implement these powerfully simple practices into your life today.

Want to know if this episode it for you?  This episode is perfect for someone who is looking for ways on how to integrate stillness and reflection in their life or who is looking to understand more about meditation and how they can start a meditative practice.  It is perfect for someone who is busy and would like to work in some mediation or yoga.  It is perfect for someone who wants to learn more about mantra yoga and the power of our words.  It is also for someone who is ready to examine and acknowledge their thoughts on a path to possibly change.

What is this episode about?   In this episode you will learn about:

  • Yogi Aaron’s journey to becoming a yoga spa and retreat owner in Costa Rica
  • why being in Costa Rica made him question who he was and how he found his path again
  • what mantra yoga is and what it teaches us
  • the power of words and their ripple effect
  • reasons why silence is used a lot in meditation
  • choosing a word to focus on and how it helps you to step on your path
  • how to create awareness of your thoughts
  • the meaning of meditation, “to attend to”
  • and how acknowledging these thoughts that we push to the back of our mind, these disturbances, can resolve emotions just by acknowledging them
  • benefits of being with yourself in complete silence
  • getting inspiration and charging your environment through music
  • bahkti music
  • how when we feel well our small decisions pick up momentum
  • how we can fit meditation and yoga into our busy lives
  • having a firm practice will help you know where your center is
  • developing the power and determination to get up in the morning
  • the benefits of doing things that make you uncomfortable and testing your limits
  • making a conscious decision of whether fear will rule our lives or not
  • testing yourself and doing experiments
  • story of accident in Himalayas and how that was a transformative moment in his life

Show Notes:

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