On today’s podcast we explore the power of time, meaning the gap or period of time between where you are now and where you want to be.  We often want our situation, feelings, or even achievements to come instantaneous or with little effort, but there is power and opportunity in the labor, in the wrestle.  I highlight some specific pasts podcast episodes released during that period of time and discuss how Season 3 will dive deeper into the tools and lessons acquired during a period of discovery and transformation.

Show Notes:

TLBP #88 LifeLine 14: A new chapter begins – honoring my marriage, letting go to accept divorce, and standing on my feet

TLBP #99 LifeLine 16: Finding hope in the emptiness and accepting the waning phases of our life 

TLBP #112 LifeLine 19: Seeing the duality in life, allowing the good and the pain to coexist, and rebuilding hope in the future

TLBP #138 LifeLine 25 : Becoming awakened, letting go of the tyranny of perfection, and reunifying with the fractured pieces of ourselves 

TLBP #147 LifeLine 27: When we break 

TLBP# 148 SoundBeat 7 – When we are afraid to break – Your answers to one listener 

TLBP #150 SoundBeat 9 – Pain as an indicator and a gateway to freedom & healing 

TLBP #164 SoundBeat 20 – Survival, reactive, and proactive modes

TLBP #182 Choosing to release yourself as a prisoner in your own life – SoundBeat 34

#188 Rising from the deep – SoundBeat 39