On today’s podcast episode I share some generational healing of patterns that I am recognizing in myself and my daughter.  I discuss some of the subconscious and inner child I have begun and the beautiful breakthroughs I am already having.  I tell a story of what it means to “change the color of your icing” in relation to finding the beauty when the vision you began with doesn’t look the way you thought.

“Life has turned out very differently than we thought.  I’ve colored outside the lines.  I jumped through all those milestones and the course twisted.  I’ve given my best effort and released the rest.  And my life is beautiful.  Its been rocky, its been hard, its been laden with scars, but its been rich with new vistas that I couldn’t have possibly known how to paint.”

Show Notes:

Henry Ammar’s Instagram page -> https://www.instagram.com/henryammar/,  apply to his Mastermind starting Sept 25 -> https://www.makeithappen.life/mastermind

Nailed It TV show -> https://www.netflix.com/title/80179138

Podcast with Jodi Orgill Brown: “TLBP #107 Taking charge of our own lives, the power of the individual, and pressing on to find a new normal | with Jodi Orgill Brown” -> https://www.thelifebeatsproject.com/jodi/

Anxiety book I am reading with my daughter: “What to do when you worry to much” by Dawn Huebner -> https://amzn.to/3liXvIV

Maston Kipp’s Instagram account-> https://www.instagram.com/mastinkipp/

Rebekah Anderson Empowered by Us ‘s instagram account -> https://www.instagram.com/empowered_by_us/

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