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On today’s LifeLine podcast, I share some insights on how you can start today to bring light and joy into your days through awareness of how faith, gratitude, and love all work together.  I explore how the act of recognizing the divine persuasions and signatures in your past is evidence of God’s love that can produce in you an ongoing trust.  I provide proof from my own life and share my current struggles.   I also discuss an astounding self-awareness tool that has changed the way I navigate relationships and has given me hope that I can become a better mother and partner.  It is defined as “self-betrayal” and I provide examples of how overcoming this one area can lead to improved relationships as we become aware of the red flags that can warn us as well as teach us how to have influence with those we love most.

Listen and be inspired to identify the evidences of the divine in your life, how you can have an ongoing trust in your Higher Power, how to navigate relationships, and identify your own red flags that warn you that you are on a path of self-betrayal or to weaponizing something that started with good intentions.

Show Notes:

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