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On today’s podcast I have the honor of introducing you to one of our own community members, who answered the call to share her story on the podcast.  Mariah Wickham is the woman behind Be Mighty Mentoring.  As she recounts her unbelievable seven year journey to add a child to their family, we explore her internal turmoil of having her formula for happiness and faith challenged to the point of wondering if there was even a God, and feeling so hollow after the miracles she expected to be just around the corner continued to be one heart break after another.  Mariah takes us down the path of Invitro, including the clinic throwing away her embryos, to a pregnancy with twins ending, to a failed adoption in Russia that led her to her rock bottom, to her eventual decision to do foster care that brought a 7 year old boy to their family.  Mariah shares her shift in mindset that came as put down her struggle trophy and began to view things in her life as invitations from God instead of definitive choices of growth or condemnation and opportunities for her to exercise her potential as a creator of her own life.   Mariah shares the beauty of the love and connection that filled her life as she continued to open herself up to this perspective.

Listen and be inspired to begin to say “thank you” for the opportunities for growth that we are presented as invitations and to continue to show up in our connections with love and vulnerability.

Show Notes:

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