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Today’s episode I had the opportunity to do something a little different and create a small panel in honor of Mother’s Day.  I am joined by illustrator, social media specialist, and mom of 4 Natashia McLean of Canary Jane as well as seamstress, blogger, and mom to 3 Sarah Tyau of Our Life is Beautiful.  Today we answer questions on a variety of motherhood topics from lessons we are trying to foster in our children, fun free things to do with them, how to stay ‘you’ and keep yourself a priority while being a mom, as well as creating lasting friendships during this stage of motherhood.  We also answer one of our listener’s questions about how to get the romance back after having kids.  Natashia and Sarah are open about things that I am not open about discussing and for those of you who know me well will know that my face was probably beet red during the discussion.  I recognize it as such an important topic and are grateful others are willing to discuss it tastefully and openly.  If you have little ears close to you, just be mindful towards the end of the episode.  We are just three moms sharing our experiences, as well as our strengths, and struggles. I love what Courtney Brown of Cents of Style shared in her podcast episode with me, “there are 1000s of different ways to be a good mother and 1000s of different children to mother.”  I know motherhood is such a vast topic but I hope something that we share will be of benefit to you whether you are a mom or not and will help you to know that you are not alone in this, the very noblest of efforts.

Want to know if this episode is for you?  This episode is perfect for moms who love and serve their children but also want to make themselves a priority and have an identity of their own.  It is also perfect for anyone in a relationship and looking for suggestions regarding healthy communication and intimacy.


What is this episode about?   In this episode you will learn about:

  • ideas on how to stay “you” as a mom including cultivating your talents and embracing your interests with your children
  • how to set aside “mom guilt”
  • how to keep yourself a priority
  • why being burned out can mean you are a good mom
  • how seeing friends in real life can create so much more needed connection than commenting on social media
  • how the book The Miracle Morning can help you attend to your priorities
  • ideas on fun things to do with your kids that are free or cheap
  • Korea’s tradition of Children’s Day
  • what surprised us most about being a mom
  • how being a mom can bring out the best and worst in you
  • the compassion you have for other moms and the judgements that are removed
  • what lessons we learned from our moms that we are fostering in our own kids
  • how to have good friendships at this stage in motherhood
  • what our children can teach us about making friends
  • what lessons we are focusing on teaching our kids right now
  • the battle of comparison on social media and how each of us have unique strengths and weaknesses
  • setting realistic expectations of your home and yourself as a mother
  • how to get the romance back after having kids and maintain a healthy sexual relationship
  • the role of intimacy in a relationship for both man and woman
  • ideas for simple dates and getaways
  • how marriage therapy could enhance your relationship
  • the importance for making time:  for yourself, your children, and your spouse or significant other
  • how you are not alone as a mother and the things you may be experiencing are normal
  • how having other mom friends may help you to feel supported


Show Notes

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