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Today is the second installment of my new series LifeLine, dedicated to helping you discover or expand on your story and illuminate the extraordinary that lies within you.  Today’s episode I will share what we can to do to help prepare ourselves for this process of discovery.  I talk about and issue you a challenge of 5 things that we can do over this coming in month in preparation for this journey.  I share the importance of being patient and kind with ourselves as we make changes and how we need to record over and replace that mixtape of negative thoughts we have playing in our heads.  I ask you to find that thing you do that will help you transition out of feelings of frustration, exhaustion, deadlines, whatever it is that life brings upon you, to a place of perspective and able to create a reset.  I talk about being the lead role in your life and share one of my favorite scenes from a movie, “The Holiday”.   I invite you to find how you connect with a Higher Power and how that will help you in this process, whether you believe in God or not.  I ask you to examine your philosophy to find if you believe by the show of your actions if your simple daily choices matter or not.  I share how this process may not resemble a line, or circle, but more like the path of a pinball and how the components of this journey weave together.  Whatever your ambition is in this process of self-awareness, self-love, self-discovery, you will come away feeling inspired to take some simple steps towards your goal.

Want to know if this episode it for you?  This episode is perfect for someone looking to make a change in the way they see themselves, to want to see the good and the gifts.  It is perfect for someone that is needing some guidance on how to prepare themselves for the process and someone who may want some practical steps on how to do that.

What is this episode about?   In this episode you will learn about:

  • why I started this LifeLine series and the listener comment that helped me determined where to focus
  • preparing yourself for the process of discovering your story and the extraordinary that lies within you by doing a self-assessment of your philosophies and state of mind
  • the importance of being patient with ourselves in this process
  • what Tahaji Felder said about not being able to quickly erase 20 years of thinking
  • recording over that mixtape of negative thinking in our minds
  • the importance of being intentional in protecting time to participate in this journey
  • being kind to ourselves when we just don’t have the mental energy to work on ourselves
  • finding that thing you can do that will help you transition from feelings of overwhelm to one of perspective and reset
  • pushing past your comfort zone
  • being the leading role in your life – as seen through a scene in the movie Holiday
  • inviting a Higher Power into this process and how that can help you
  • Jeff Olson and his philosophy of doing simple things and that what you do today matters
  • the importance of measuring so that you can improve
  • inviting you to write in a journal to give yourself a self-assessment of these 5 challenges to see the progress you will be making
  • 5 challenges for this upcoming month – do them in a day, each for a day, each for a week, or add upon each one each week:
    • 1. Observe the way you treat yourself – the words and thoughts you use – throughout your day, particularly when you perceive your falling short of your expectations.  For a period of time keep a tally of negative vs positive thinking.  At the end of the day write down one instance of negative thinking and what you could have said or done differently.
    • 2. Find that thing you do that will help you transition out of feelings of frustration, exhaustion, deadlines, whatever it is that life brings upon you, to a place of perspective and able to create a reset.  Then write it down and how that made you feel.
    • 3. Push yourself a little bit more outside of your comfort zone.  Then record those instances you were able to push yourself and how that made you feel.
    • 4. Learn how you connect with your Higher Power and then practice it and record those in your journal or notes.   How do you feel peace?  How do you feel connected?
    • 5. Examine your philosophy.  Do you believe as shown by your actions that what you do now matters or not?  By the simple choices you are making today are you showing that you understand the compound effect?  Observe your choices in the little things and see that if tens or hundreds of similar choices were made, how they would add up.  Is that direction you want to be headed?  Write them down and examine them.
  • how your process may resemble a line or a circle, but why it may just follow the path of a pinball
  • why you may not be able to master one step isolated from components of another step and why this is okay and wonderful

Show Notes:

First LifeLine Episode “LifeLine: helping you discover your story and illuminate the extraordinary within”

Podcast with Tahaji Felder of Goose & Gander Brand “Pivoting from just existing in the status quo to truly living in purpose and with passion”

The leading lady scene in the movie “The Holiday”

Article from SoberNation “Finding a Higher Power – 5 Practical Ways to Increase Spiritual Awareness”

Quote from Jeff Olson, author of “The Slight Edge”

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