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Turning from the brokenness of surviving to a joy of thriving: a unbelievable tale of a broken woman’s discovery of her worth | with Becky Erkkila of Thriving Survivor Tips (TLBP #62)

Due to today’s content you will want to be mindful of little ears.  Becky Urkuhluh shares of being a beaten women both emotionally and physically who escaped with her life after she was kidnapped, raped and nearly killed by her own husband and the journey...

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LifeLine 7 | When you want to escape: choosing paths of avoidance or clarity through mindfulness, and embracing your struggles as part of your story with Briana Johnson (TLBP #61)

Have you ever wanted to run away from it all?   In today’s latest installment of the LifeLine podcast series in which I help you to discover your own story and see the good that already exists inside of you, I share with you some real feelings brought on...

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4 attributes of success to set our soul on fire and keep the dreaming aspect of our lives alive with with Lauren Elizabeth the Stay at Home Mermaid from Hello Whimzy (TLBP #59)

Friends on today’s episode you will feel one flip of your fin closer to your dreams as I introduce you to Lauren Elizabeth of Hello Whimzy, a real life stay at home mermaid.  Lauren shares with us the importance of keeping the magical and dreaming aspects of our lives...

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